Wire Frame Cosmetic Case Kit Pattern ZW2446 Sku: 60483

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Use the included internal wire frame to create a wide mouth pouch perfect for storing all your toiletries and makeup. The internal wire frame provides excellent storage capacity and visibility—no more digging around the bottom of your bag! Finished Size: 8in wide x 6.25in tall x 4.75in deep (20 cm wide x 16 cm tall x 12 cm deep) Pattern includes one 7 x 2 in (18 x 5 cm) internal wire frame set and one 16 in (40 cm) white zipper to make the case.

  • Printed Paper Pattern
  • Final Product: Bags/Purses/Totes Etc
  • Finished Size: 8in x 6.25in x 4.75in
  • Technique: Standard Machine Sewing
  • Skill Level: Beginner