Casserole Cozy - Postcard Pattern # CM202122 Sku: 68237

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From Carolina Moore
By Moore, Carolina
You will need the Boxed Bag Template to complete this pattern.

This versatile Casserole Cozy fits both standard and ""lasagna height"" 9"" x 13"" casserole dishes. After cooking your casserole, just set the dish inside the cozy to keep it warm and make it easier to carry from kitchen to table. Use your favorite fabrics, fabrics that match your home decor, or holiday fabrics for a festive flair. A fun project for both beginners and experienced quilters, and makes a great class!

This pattern is 5x7, printed on glossy cardstock, and does not come in pattern bags. The finished Casserole Cozy fits a 9"" x 13"" casserole dish. Insul Bright or similar is recommended, but cotton batting will also work.

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