Heavy Duty Snaps 7ct Polished Brass # 5-6 Sku: 618

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Dritz Heavy Duty Snaps are hardware fasteners used in DIY sewing and repair projects to create a functioning closure. These snaps are durable and work as ideal fasteners for sportswear, coats, jackets, vests and tops. Substitute cap and post on the reverse side to create reversible garments. Use for making accessories such as bags, totes, belts, wallets and device cases. Great for repairing and replacing utility items such as boating covers, tents and camping gear. Several fashion finishes are available; these snaps also coordinate with other Dritz hardware such as swivel hooks, D-rings and slide adjusters. Application tools not included.

  • Made of: Metal
  • Use: Snaps
  • Size: 5/8in
  • Included: 7 Snap Sets
  • By Dritz