Paper Piecing Hexagon 1.5in, 100Ct 3231 Sku: 50348

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Dritz paper piecing shapes are reusable, pre-cut shapes made from card stock that is heavy enough to hold its shape, but still flexible enough to be easily removed from fabric. There is no sewing machine required for paper piecing. Fabric is folded over paper piecing shapes and secured with basting stitches; then, pieces are joined together by whip stitching edges together to form larger shapes. The hole in the middle of the Dritz paper piecing shapes makes it easy to remove them at the end, using a crochet hook, pencil or stiletto. The goal of paper piecing is to make small shapes with precision for use in quilting, sewing and craft projects. This pack includes 100, 1-1/2in hexagon shape paper piecings.

  • Color: White
  • Use: Paper Piecing
  • Size: 1.5in diameter
  • Included: 100 Hexagons

  • By Dritz